Ride For A Dream is a  non-profit campaign to end gender-based violence, consisting of young folks from various post-secondary institutions and the surrounding community.

In 2012, the Ride For A Dream team engaged the community first through a fundraising concert featuring local talent to engage a younger demographic in understanding the issue of gender-based violence. Then beginning on May 1st, Alexander Waddling & Danny (Red) Surjanac began a bicycling journey of 4,700 km from Toronto to Vancouver, complete with social media and news outlets, such as CTV, Metro and several others along the way to draw more attention to the campaign.

In 2013, the addition of two cyclists Micah Markson & Jason Rego, a support vehicle, and a documentary crew of Kyle Widomski & Katrina Singleton followed the team as they rode the remaining 3,000 kilometers from Toronto to St.John’s, Newfoundland, engaging other schools and media along the way. Considerably more successful than the first year, they were able to engage more than they had thought possible.

In 2014, ridership exploded as the trip evolved. With 18 riders, the journey became an educational bootcamp with workshops by the campfire every night to discuss various aspects of gender, sex, and sexuality in an effort to end gender-based violence. Over one week from Toronto to Montreal, they raised funds for the Barbra Schlifer Clinic, a center that assists over 4,000 women every year through their legal and counselling services.