2012 Ride

Danny “Red” Surjanac and Alexander Waddling

On May 1st, 2012, Alexander Waddling and Danny “Red” Surjanac left from Toronto on their bicycles and began their journey to Vancouver, over 4,600 km away. Intent on spreading awareness in an effort to end violence against women, they also raised money on behalf of the White Ribbon Campaign. The largest organization that engages men to end violence against women, their proactive approach is one the Ride For A Dream team could get behind, and pedaled that message across most of Canada.

The ride itself was as varied as it could have been. Between the intenseĀ terrain of Northern Ontario and waking up to frost, to the pouring rain, snow and high winds of the Prairies. Then, riding through the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia had its own kind of challenges. Flat tires were abundant (for one of them, at least) and there was never enough food – when you’re burning nearly 9,000 calories a day, it’s not difficult to have an appetite.

They arrived in Vancouver 41 days after departing from Toronto, with 4 days of rest in that span. That gave them an average of 125 km per day – the longest day they had was 200 km! Their top speed was achieved almost immediately after crossing the Alberta/B.C. border, where they hit 79.3 km/h on fully loaded bicycles.

If you want to watch the vlogs from 2012, just click here!

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